Homage to Eleanora | Keith A. Dames

SeMad Productions & Highway Productions
in association with DSP Logo - Sq Bl Down Stage Pass present
The Centennial Celebration

Homage To Eleanora

A Musical Journey Through The Billie Holiday Song Book
Billie’s Own Compositionshomage-to-eleanora-billie-holiday

Friday, April 24th, 2015 | 7:00pm

Manna House Workshops
338 E 106th St (1st & 2nd Ave) | East Harlem

Keith A. Dames & The Richard Clements Quartet
Richard Clements (Piano) Chris Hanney (Bass)
Marvin Horne (Guitar) Will Terrill (Drums)
Steph Walker (Vocals) & Willie Gee (Soprano Sax)

Tickets at Door | $15
Advance Tickets  | $10
Contact Keith A. Dames
Phone (305) 450-0764 | Email damesdance@aol.com


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