dsp-icon-paragraph-08-31-15 Down Stage Pass provides a broad range of programs for
individual artists, productions, and organizations
that are either free, low cost, or based on a sliding scale.

Our programs include: website design and hosting, press and marketing design and distribution, event listings, ad space, and performance/show reviews.

Listings and Ad Space

Events are submitted to local and online listing services with additional listings and featured ad space on our website.  Featured listings also appear in our weekly emails and are included in the Down Stage PassBill distributed at participating shows.

EMAIL US your press release or listing info to take advantage of free or featured listings,

The Down Stage Pass Experience | Reviews

Down Stage Pass publishes reviews of performances and shows that may or may not garner the attention of mainstream media.  Unlike traditional reviews, our writers aspire to make deeply personal connections and offer highly reflective commentary on the works that they observe.  We like to call it The Down Stage Pass Experience!

EMAIL US your request for a review or your press release and we’ll respond with our availability.

Press and Marketing

Our press and marketing services cover all of your promotional needs.  This includes developing marketing strategies, creating and distributing press releases, generating online listings, implementing social media and email campaigns, ticketing services, designing and printing marketing materials (press kits, business cards, flyers, postcards, playbills, and artwork).

EMAIL US to receive a personalized quote based on your needs and available resources.

Website Design and Hosting

Down Stage Pass creates basic WordPress based websites for artists, shows, or organizations that either do not have a website or looking to update their current one.  This includes web page design for internet browsers and mobile devices, hosting of website and personalized email accounts via BlueHost, technical support and site maintenance, copy and photo editing, custom artwork and templates for social media, and search engine optimization.

EMAIL US to receive a personalized quote based on your needs and available resources.

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