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Contributed by Marcus Dargan

DSP Logo - Sq BlThe Boogeyman: Diaries of a Broken Home is a new play written by Bisa Dawes, an extremely versatile and talented actress with whom I’ve had the personal pleasure of working with a couple of years back.

Bisa Dawes.

Bisa Dawes.

The Boogeyman explores the traumatic childhoods of characters suffering from a range of abuses in broken homes. It follows their lives through adulthood and examines how their inability to let go of a haunted past dictates the choices they make as adults. It is a tale of horror and self-reflection that encourages one to embrace healing and forgiveness in our daily lives.

This week, Bisa proudly announced that The Boogeyman has been accepted into the Thespis Theater Festival and she is determined “to put on a great show that you won’t forget.” She is seeking collaborative funding from our community to help bring this new work to the stage.

On behalf of Down Stage Pass, I encourage you to continue supporting emerging artists by donating any amount to this production of The Boogeyman at Indiegogo. A contribution of as little as $10 gets you a personal compliment on your hairstyle and outfit by none other than Bisa Dawes herself. Now, how fabulous is that? I put in $20 just so she can compliment me two times!

The Boogeyman: Diaries of a Broken Home runs from July 10th through July 13th, 2014, at the Cabrini Repertory Theater, 701 Fort Washington Ave, Washington Heights, NY 10040.

Support The Boogeyman on Indigogo.

Learn more about Thespis Theatre Festival.

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About the author

Marcus Dargan is the Artistic Director of NuAFrikan Theatre and a recipient of the Jacob A. Weiser Playwright Award for his play Dream Deferred, which was nominated for the AUDELCO 2012 Dramatic Production of the Year. He was last seen in the role created by Ken Page in Ain’t Misbehavin’ with the Harlem Repertory Theatre, a show garnering five AUDELCO Award nominations. He is the author of the play Antichrist Lament, which received workshop performances at the Manhattan Theatre Source PlayGround Development Series and Nuyorican Poet’s Café. He is an adjunct professor of the Speech, Communications and Theatre department at Borough of Manhattan Community where he received an A.S. in Theatre. He also holds a B.A. in Theatre and M.S.Ed. in Educational Theatre from City College of New York.

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